Intelligent Sharing Device (ISD)

The ISD was designed to provide a comprehensive, cost effective solution for branch connectivity. Operating in an SNA environment, the ISD combines the unique integration of modem sharing, dial backup, dynamic bandwidth and network management functions. Consequently, the ISD effectively reduces costs, ensures communications and enhances operational efficiency.


Modem Sharing reduces communication costs

The ISD reduces communication costs in a polled, multi-drop environment by sharing leased line, modem or computer port facilities with 4 devices. Flexible configuration allows any combination of modems and/or terminals to share the common channel. Contention is typically based on RTS/CTS handshaking, however non- standard applications are easily adapted. Occasionally, device malfunctions will lock out other functioning devices. The ISD automatically disables defective devices after a user defined time out period to maintain communications for the rest of the branch.

Dial backup ensures branch communications

Unlike most sharing devices, the ISD protects against dedicated service failures. The integrated dial backup support feature swiftly establishes an alternated route for branch communication upon leased line failures. This invaluable feature ensures that branch transactions can continue usually without user knowledge of failure conditions.

Automatic Speed Matching

Typically dial backup lines operate at different speeds than the dedicated services they support. The ISD automatically provides the speed conversion such that backup communications are transparent to all connected devices.

Dynamic bandwidth enhances operational efficiency

Backup lines are normally idle, representing an under utilisation of network resources. The ISD enables the branch to use the backup line in parallel with normal branch operations. By allowing a dedicated auxiliary DTE port access to the backup line, the ISD extends usual bandwidth capabilities of the branch. As a result file transfers, software updates, etc. can occur in parallel with high priority transactions. Operational efficiency is enhanced since off hour network time is no longer needed for specialized data transfers.

Netview compatibility

The ISD support LL2 commands to enable network management using existing Netview facilities. Consequently the ISD is managed as an integrated part of your SNA network. If Netview is not used, the ISD can be used in combination with Omicron's Dial Backup Controller (DBC) as a stand alone solution. Both products are also compatible with Omicron's SureNet network management software. See the DBC and SureNet brochures for more information. If a TCP/IP network environment is handy, the option of using SNMP over a SLIP connection is available to remotly manage the ISD.


The ISD supports remote program load. This feature enables all ISD's, installed at customer locations, to be upgraded without disrupting the installation! New or custom functions can be down loaded to accommodate evolving network requirements. Not only does ISD reduce costs today, it also provides an intelligent migration path for network growth.

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