Dial Backup Controller (DBC)

The automatic, trouble free, reliable dial backup switch


Non-Disruptive Backup

The Dial Backup Controller (DBC) operates in conjunction with Omicron's customer premises equipment to provide a Non- Disruptive Solution for backup support of point-to-point leased lines working in a polled SNA/SDLC environment. Typically attached to a FEP or Router port, the DBC maintains user sessions when dedicated lines fail. This means that network providers can finally ensure services despite leased line, modem or DSU failures.

Seamless Switchover & Switchback

The DBC uses advanced monitoring techniques to detect communication outages that trigger a Seamless Switchover Procedure to an alternate path established via a dial line. Complete transparency is maintained since the DBC automatically adjusts for the speed difference of the dialed path. Long distance dial line charges, if applicable, are minimized since the DBC continuously monitors the leased line. Once service is restored, a Seamless Switchback Procedure is enabled, providing non-disruptive return to normal operations. The combination of transparent and non-disruptive features provides a unique dial backup solution that increases user satisfaction and service quality.

Outages are things of the past

Besides protecting against line failures, the DBC can be used to establish an alternate path during scheduled outages or new installations. Now services can continue, eliminating the need to schedule outages during off hours. New installations can be operational immediately by using the alternate path until the leased line is installed.

Advanced Network Management & Control

The DBC offers extensive network management capabilities. Depending on your specific requirements, the DBC can be configured for In- Stream or Side-Stream network management. In- Stream network management provides integrated control of the DBC from Netview using either the LPDA-2 protocol or LL-2 command structure. Side-Stream network management enables single point control over multiple DBC units from any PC or terminal without specifying any VTAM or NCP definitions. If a TCP/IP network environment is handy, the option of using SNMP over a SLIP connection is available to remotly manage the DBC. Either way, the Network or Help Desk manager is notified of every DBC event and is empowered with a wide array of support tools to control any installation.

Easy to Install, Stand-alone solution

The DBC is used in conjunction with Omicron's customer premises equipment. Selection of Omicron's customer premises equipment depends on your specific requirements. Options range from simply interfacing with the DBC to providing support for port/line sharing, dynamic bandwidth and remote network management. Together the DBC and Omicron's customer premises equipment provide a stand-alone solution that is easy to install. In fact, no special skills or changes to your existing set up are required. Simply Plug'n Play.

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