Modem Sharing Device Series (MSD)

The effective, reliable solution for communication cost reduction

Port and line sharing capabilities optimize leased lines, modems or computer ports.


Ports contend for shared resources

The Omicron's Modem Sharing Device (MSD) Series provides a cost effective solution to optimize leased line, modem or computer port facilities. Available in 2, 4 or 8 port configurations, the MSD Series lets any combination of modems and/or terminals share a modem, multiplexer or computer port in a polled, multidrop environment.

Synchronous or Asynchronous data support

Devices connected to Omicron's MSD Series can transmit and receive using synchronous or asynchronous datastreams. In synchronous mode, the main channel device clock, or any subchannel device clock, enables operation up to 64 Kbps.

Manual or Automatic antistreaming

The main channel broadcasts data and control signals to all subchannels. The subchannel devices contend for transmission to the main channel device, based on RTS/CTS handshaking. Occasionally, a port may stay active longer than a preset time and inhibit other subchannel communication. The MSD Series automatically or manually disables the offending subchannel.

Front panel control

Front panel LEDs and operating controls provide convenient access to port & clock selection/deselection facilities and signal status information.

Stand-alone or Rackmount

The MSD Series is available in a stand-alone enclosures for branch locations or 19" racks for hub locations. Omicron's 19" rack is based on an innovative modular design that is compatible with SureNet (See SureNet brochure for more information). The Omicron modular concept provides a cost-effective migration path for network growth by building on investment already in place.

Ordering information:
5100M-02 Modem Sharing Device 2 Ports (MSD-2)
5100M-04 Modem Sharing Device 4 Ports (MSD-4)
5100M-08 Modem Sharing Device 8 Ports (MSD-8)

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