Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP):
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Use SNMP to manage Omicron products...

About SNMP

The current network management framework for TCP/IP- based internets consists of:

What is a MIB?

An MIB is a list of variables that can be exchanged between a manager and an agent responsible for the network device. It contains a list of variables:

A network manager operator can choose a MIB variable name to display, the manager software will use the MIB to convert this name to the appropriate Object Identifier, and use it to query the network device.

An MIB is defined in a description language called Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1).

How does it work?

A management station contains an application that uses a TCP/IP network to transfer information about network devices. Information about a network device resides in its MIB. The variables in the MIB can be read or written to. Here are some examples of possible operations performed by a network manager. By reading a variable, the manager can see the count of frames or errors from an interface. The manager can also read a status, like the presence of alarm condition. By writing to a variable, the manager can set configuration or parameters. It can also perform directive actions, such as counter reset or interface shutdown.

The SNMP protocol is used between manager and network devices to read variables (SNMP command GET and GET-NEXT), to write to variables (SNMP command SET) and to alert the manager of an event (SNMP command TRAP).

How to use SNMP to manage Omicron's products?

Operations you can do with SNMP are device dependant, but you can expect status, configuration and control of the device. For example, in the Omicron Dial Backup Controller, you can set the backup phone number and command a dialout. Take a look at the MIB of the DBC, in ASN.1 language.

What is required to use SNMP with Omicron products?

The user has to provide:

The Omicron device will answer to any community, but can only be modified by one specific community. This rule provides the secure access to the network device. Omicron provides an MIB definition in ASN.1 for the product you purchase.