Integrated Port & Line Sharing Device (IPLS)

The only modem sharing device with integrated dial backup support


Integrates modem sharing and dial backup

The Integrated Port & Line Sharing Device (IPLS) ensures branch communications by protecting against leased line or equipment failure. By integrating traditional Modem Sharing facilities with dial backup facilities, the IPLS is the perfect solution for branch connectivity in any high availability network. Most modem sharing devices are useless when dedicated services have failed. The IPLS, however, automatically reestablishes service often without user knowledge of failure conditions.

Automatic Dial Backup

Leased line failures trigger a switchover procedure. Typically the host will dial up the backup port of the IPLS. Once Ring Indicator (RI) and Data Carrier Detect (DCD) signals are present, the IPLS will switch from the leased line to the dial up line. If the host detects that the leased line is back in operation, the transmission on the dial up line is stopped. The IPLS then switches back to the leased line.

DBC initiates auto dial condition

Certain network configurations do not support auto dial from the host. Consequently, Omicron's DBC (Dial Backup Controller) can be used in combination with the IPLS as a cost effective, stand-alone solution. The DBC detects leased line outages and initiates the auto dial sequence. DBC also detects service restoration on the leased line and initiates the switchover from the dial line.

Synchronous or Asynchronous support

The IPLS modem sharing function lets any modem and/or terminal share a modem, multiplexer or computer port in a polled, multidrop environment. Devices connected to the IPLS can transmit and receive using synchronous or asynchronous datastreams. In synchronous mode, the main channel device clock, or any subchannel device clock enables operation up to 64 Kbps.

Manual or Automatic antistreaming

The main channel broadcasts data and control signals to all subchannels. The subchannel devices contend for transmission to the main channel device, based on RTS/CTS handshaking. Occasionally, a port may stay active longer than a preset time and inhibit other subchannel communication. The IPLS automatically or manually disables the offending subchannel.

Omicron's innovative combination of modem sharing and dial backup support minimises branch downtime and maximises cost savings.

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4260M-00 IPLS
943129 IBM Part No.

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