Partnership Opportunities

Join the F@xMate Network!

You can be the fax gateway to North America...

F@xMate Services are expanding worldwide. We are aggressively looking for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or organizations with a (7 day/24 hour) dedicated Internet connection who want to offer value added services. This is a golden opportunity to earn extra profit and income by offering the most comprehensive fax services and competitive fax rates available.

Internet faxing is a new and innovative way of using the Internet, get a first-in advantage by reselling F@xMate's services. F@xMate is unique: No additional software or hardware. Our strategy is to tap into the "fax user" market by offering simple services anybody can use, regardless of their knowledge of computers or the Internet. The F@xMate network takes work away from the customer to make their lives simple and stress free. The "fax user" needs only to dial into our service from their fax machine and then dial the final destination number as they usually do.

Don't hold your breath, since we will soon be releasing services geared to the e-mail user which bridge the gap between the fax machine and e-mail. Of course, it is simple and requires no additional software or hardware.

Becoming part of the F@xMate network is easy. Please send us an e-mail and label the subject "partner" and a representative will be in contact with you personally.

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