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UPDATE - January 20, 1997

E-mail to Fax for the Fax User has been renamed to At Fax to avoid confusion with the soon to be released E-mail services.
PRESS RELEASE - November 8, 1996

Fax Machines can now transmit
and receive faxes over the Internet

"Omicron has empowered the traditional fax machine by enabling its use over the Internet via its F@xMate Services. In a time of constant technological change, F@xMate does not require any new knowledge or equipment. Our customers continue to use their fax machine as they always have, while saving long distance costs, accessing new Internet services and focusing more time on what matters: Their Business." Chandra R. Ahooja, CEO and President.
Montreal, Canada / November 8 1996 -- Omicron Telesystems Inc. is a Montreal based company now offering its F@xMate Services. F@xMate includes worldwide Internet based services for fax machine and e-mail users. Four services are now being offered to cater to the fax user who is interested in hassle-free operations. Traditional and PC fax users have four services available to them;

Neither hardware nor software is required for use of the four services above. Designed for cost- effective and powerful communication which does not hamper with people's valuable time.

Omicron Telesystems and the Canadian Advanced Technology Association (CATA) have entered into an alliance to promote F@xMate Services. Jointly established service points in key areas offer Canada wide F@xMate services. Expansion plans include Europe and the rest of the world, beginning with London, England, planned to be in service before the end of 1996.

Although Omicron Telesystems is offering unprecedented cost savings, F@xMate's advantage lies in the complete mix of services able to meet to the needs of business people. F@xMate will be adding value to the fax machine, without complicating users' fax habits. No extra equipment, software or training. No hassle, just simple and easy-to-use services that enhance fax and e-mail communication for today's globalized economy.

Contacts: Anne-Marie Ferrara or Chandra R. Ahooja
tel: 888-664-8353 (OMI-TELE)

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