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Fax to Fax:

How do I program the "rapid dial key" on the fax machine?
Pros: Easy programming operation.
Cons:In case the access number should be busy, the redialling of the fax will not include the destination number, only the access number. Therefore, you will have to restart the entire operation.
Models and Fax Manufacturers may differ, however, if you do not see a "program" button on your fax machine you may have to press the "function" button to program a "one touch key". The procedure is usually very simple and can be accomplished in a few minutes with your fax manual, even if you have never done this before.
Advanced Programming...
Pros: Once programmed, it is the fastest and easiest method, for Fax to Fax usage.
Cons: If you are not a technical person, you may want to find the computer brain in your office to help you.
Program the "one touch key" for speed dialing as always, but before entering it in, add a 18 second pause (which may require a call to fax manufacturer). Then set the one touch key for chain dialing to complete programming.

You can also achieve the same result by pressing the pause button 3 or 4 times, depending on how long your pause button is set for. It should equal to 18 seconds minimum.

Fax to E-mail:

How can I send E-mail from a fax machine?
A. An equivalent of a telephone number is assigned by F@xMate for each of your E-mail recipients. We recommend you use their actual telephone numbers for easy recall.

How does the recipient view the message, is there special software required?
A.The message can be easily viewed in Netscape mail as an attachment. No software is required. A message is inserted into every E-mail to give your recipient a guide to viewing his Fax to E-mail.

At Fax:

Do I have to make any adjustments to my fax machine?
A. No, all the converting work is done within the F@xMate system so you don't have to do anything.

Broadcast Fax:

What does the report include?
A. The report is stated in terms of negative responses.

How many resends are there for a fax that does not go through?
A.The F@xMate Broadcast Fax service will resend a fax 3 times before going on to the next record in your database. After the Broadcast Fax is over, all remaining fax numbers go through a final resend operation which retries each fax number two times. Therefore, a fax number with a negative response stated in your report has been resent 5 times without success.

Does F@xMate provide cover pages?
A. No. You must create your own with your desired variables. However, F@xMate includes a fax header which includes the recipient's full name and company name.

Can I personalize my cover page?
A.You can include any two variables in your cover page from your database in the following format:
Name: (in bold: to know the name of the variable)
namenamenamenamename (in regular fonts: to let us know how many spaces you want for the field)

What does the F@xMate Service do with my database after the Broadcast?
A.The file containing your database is destroyed after each Broadcast Fax. Your database is confidential information which the F@xMate service does not use for any other commercial purpose, other than carrying out your Broadcast Fax.

Billing and Payment:

How are the services charged?
A. The services are charged per minute (as on the price list). You pay for the time it takes to deliver the fax from our system to the recipient.

Fax to E-mail is the only service where the time it takes for the F@xMate system to receive the fax is charged. The time it takes to receive a fax is very often equivalent to the time it takes to send one.

(Charges are computed to the nearest six seconds.)

Please send us an E-mail with your questions. Make sure to label the subject: "Frequently Asked Questions". Answers will either appear on this page or if it is a specific question the answer will be E-mailed to you.

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