Fax to E- mail Service: The Basics...

Who uses Fax to E-mail:

  • The subscriber of Fax to E-mail is the fax user. This service is designed for the person who is interested in the benefits of technology, without the hassles that come with it.
  • What do you get:

  • Cost Savings: Faxes transmitted over the Internet are not sensitive to time zones, area codes, work hours or week-ends! Save up to 50% on long distance with F@xMate.
  • With Fax to E-mail your work habits remain the same. No need to spend money or time to upgrade .
  • Reach your contacts worldwide through the Internet by using your fax machine.
  • How does it work:

  • The service can be used on a stand alone fax machine or PC based fax. Absolutely no software or hardware is required. You simply, dial the F@xMate access number, wait for a voice prompt to give instructions and enter the final pre-assigned destination number.

    The F@xMate network matches the pre-assigned number to the E-mail address. Once your fax is captured in the F@xMate system, it is forwarded as an E-mail.

    The F@xMate access number can also be programmed into the rapid dial key of your fax machine, making the process even faster and easier.

  • Where is the service offered:

  • Refer to our Service Points for access and delivery points in the F@xMate network.
  • Details:

  • Upon registration you will receive detailed instructions on how use the service via fax.

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