Fax to Fax Service: The Basics...

Who uses Fax to Fax:

  • The subscriber of Fax to Fax is the Sender. This service is designed for the person who is interested in the benefits of new technology, without the hassles that come with it.
  • What do you get:

  • Cost Savings: Faxes transmitted over the Internet are not sensitive to time zones, area codes, work hours or week-ends! Save up to 50% on long distance with F@xMate.
  • With Fax to Fax your work habits remain the same. No need to spend money or time to upgrade .
  • You don't need Internet access to use F@xMate services. It is all taken care for you.
  • How does it work:

  • The service can be used on a stand alone fax machine or PC based fax. Absolutely no software or hardware is required. You simply, dial the F@xMate access number, wait for a voice prompt to give instructions and enter the final destination number. Your fax is then transmitted over the Internet to its final destination.

    For automated dialing of the F@xMate access number, the rapid dial key of your fax machine can be programmed, making the process even faster and easier.

  • Where is the service offered:

  • Refer to our Service Points for access and delivery points in the F@xMate network.
  • Details:

  • Upon registration you will receive detailed instructions on how use the service via fax.

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