At Fax: The Basics...

Who uses At Fax:

  • The subscriber of At Fax wants to receive E-Mail on their fax machine. The user of this service can have all their E-mail redirected to their fax machine or have the option of selecting the people who may send them At Fax.
  • What do you get:

  • When you are travelling you can have E-mail forwarded to you where you have access to a fax machine, but not to E-mail.
  • This service can be used as a marketing tool. You can give a separate E-mail address* to your clients and contacts to save them the long distance costs of faxing.
    * An E-mail address is given to you by F@xMate only for use of this service.
  • Time Savings: E-Mail received on your fax machine will centralize your communication. Your incoming E-mail messages will be delivered immediately without logging on to the Internet.
  • With At Fax your work habits remain the same. Your messages are conveniently delivered to your fax machine.
  • How does it work:

  • If you want to redirect all your E-mail to your fax machine, then everyone who sends you E-mail continues the same procedure.
  • If you only want to let certain people use E-mail to Fax, then Omicron will assign an address to be used by the people you want. An example of the address assigned to you is: The numbers in the address are your fax number, however, if you are traveling simply call forward your fax number to your chosen destination (for example, the fax machine located in your hotel room).
  • Where is the service offered:

  • E-mails can originate from anywhere Internet Access exists. Refer to our Service Points for delivery points in the F@xMate network.
  • Details:

  • Upon registration you will receive detailed instructions on how use the service via fax.

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