Broadcast Fax: The Basics...

Who uses Broadcast Fax:

  • Broadcast Fax is ideal for businesses who want to send press releases, product updates or promotional material to their customers. It is also ideal for associations to send out news and updates regularly to their members.
  • What do you get:

  • Time Savings: You no longer have to surrender your PC or fax machine to a broadcast fax that takes hours. All you have to do is E-mail us your document and list with complete fax numbers.
  • Cost Savings: You now have the opportunity to reach prospects, contacts and members in distant regions at one of the most competitive flat rates (per minute). If you are already doing Broadcast Fax in-house, you can eliminate extra lines used for faxing.
  • Customizing: You have the option of creating a personalized cover sheet.
  • How does it work:

  • The document you want to broadcast must be E-mailed to F@xMate as an attachment in the Postscript format. Fax headers are included. However, if you want a cover page you must create a separate page in your document indicating the number of spaces you want for each field. An example of how you should indicate your desired fields:
    Name: namenamenamenamename
    Company: companycompanycompany
  • The list of the recipients must be sent by E-mail as an attachment in a comma delimited format.
  • A report is sent to you when the Broadcast Fax is completed.
  • A customized Broadcast Fax that has special requirements can be accommodated, however, additional costs may apply.
  • You must have a minimum of 250 records per job for a Broadcast fax. If you have very large volumes (over 10 000) please contact our customer service department directly, volume discounts are available.
  • Where is the service offered:

  • Refer to our Service Points for delivery points in the F@xMate network.


  • Upon registration you will receive detailed instructions via fax.

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