Super Snatcher

Saves cost$

Consolidates Multi-protocol traffic

Custom applications e.g. POS

No cost Dial Backup

Secure Access

Dynamic Bandwidth

The Omicron "Super Snatcher" provides a cost-effective solution for migration or consolidation of traffic on public or private networks. It may be used for connecting a single device or to consolidate traffic from multiple devices with different protocols and data rates.

Designed for painless consolidation or migration to Frame Relay from Leased Lines and Packet Switched Networks, the Super Snatcher is ideal for :


Super Snatcher benefits :

Dial Backup offers an alternate path in case of failure of Leased Line.

Prioritization and flexible backup features assure the timely and accurate delivery of traffic in mission-critical applications. Switching is code or signal based.

Line Snatcher features saves cost for backup line by sharing an existing telephone line with the backup modem.

Line Snatcher increases access security of backup modem.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation provides a parallel path for additional traffic when backup is not required.

Extensive support for standard and proprietary protocols provides painless network consolidation.

Frame Relay Compliance

- Annex G ANSI T1.617
- RFC 1490
- Frame Relay switching

Protocol Support

- SNA/SDLC, X.25, Frame Relay, BSC, Asynch.
- Datapac 3201 & 3101, Proprietary BSC
- Custom Protocols


- Netview compatible
- Dedicated port for Network Management and Support.
- Remote Firmware upgrade.
- Traffic Prioritization based on DLCI, protocol, or user port.
- Congestion management with:

- Powerful diagnostics.
- Centralized testing (e.g. backup facilities, ...)

Ordering information:
P/N:         Network Ports     CPE Ports
5130M-00      1st    V.35         1*
5130M-01      1st    V.35         2*
5130M-02      1st    V.35         3*
5130M-03      1st    V.35         1*
              2st     *
5130M-04      1st    V.35         2*
              2nd     *

* : Specify RS-232 or V.35 interface for each port.

DSU/Modem Options :

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