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"To offer networking solutions which enhance our customers'
competitive edge in a globalized business world."

Omicron Telesystems Inc. designs, produces, implements and supports network access, restoral and management systems used to build non- stop, wide area information networks.

In the past, the corporation has pioneered digital communication systems for connectivity and management of networking systems. This technology has become patented and is embedded in multi-protocol, multi-vendor information networks world wide. For example, Omicron has provided systems for public wireless communications services for:

Recently, a strategic marketing alliance was concluded with IBM Canada Ltd. Since then, Omicron has provided network management and restoral systems for the high availability needs of transaction oriented network providers such as:

Vast experiences in communications and modular systems architecture enable Omicron to create adaptable, integrated solutions for the individual needs of major wide area networking customers.

Since the internet has been changing the way corporations are networking, Omicron has been conducting R&D in internet services that are useful to all sectors of industry and commerce. Three new services have been developed and others are in development. Very soon we will also be seeking partnerships with ISPs, technological companies as well as investors. You can watch for more details on our home page under:

What's New

Omicron's Satisfied Customers...

"Due to the expertise of your engineering staff and your ability to achieve 'short time to market' we have been successful in our efforts to modernize and consolidate the nationwide banking network of one of our major customers (Bank of Nova Scotia) in record time."

Patrick Sherman, Solutions Manager, IBM Canada Ltd.

"We have been totally satisfied with Omicron's technical expertise, professionalism and support to meet our ongoing needs."

A.J. Aziz, Network Planning Specialist, Air Canada.

"Omicron's technology is embedded in our network at critical locations. The quality, reliability, quick response and support are important characterisitics that have promoted our relationship with Omicron. We have no hesitation in recommmending Omicron to other network owners."

J.P. Seddon, Engineering Manager, The Gemini Group (now known as Advantis).

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