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Concerned with protection of investment in existing equipment, while trying to upgrade your system ?

In today's complex networking environment, users want to take advantage of higher speed facilities. However, major investments in lower speed devices, such as ATMs, delay upgrading the network to higher speeds. Omicron's Speed Adapter unit offers a painless, plug and play solution, complete with Netview compatibility, remote side-stream management, diagnostics and support capabilities.

Based on a standalone intelligent platform, it supports:

Because of its bus structure, its functionality can be enhanced to include port/line sharing and dial back up functions.


Speed matching

The Speed Adapter provides automatic speed conversion for synchronous or asynchronous data transmissions. Speeds supported range from 300 bps to 64 Kbps.

Maximize system throughput

Address filtering minimizes the response time to broadcast and DTE specific frames.

Clocking options and encoding schemes

Support for multiple clocking and data encoding schemes adds extra integration power to the SA. Encoding schemes supported:

Clocking options:

Multi-protocol Support

One of the major benefits of the Speed Adapter resides in its power to handle multiple protocols. Currently support exists for:


The auto-configuration feature of the SA makes installation a snap. Just mount the unit, connect the cables, and turn on the power. The unit automatically determines:

Remote management

Netview compatible and side-stream management is supported. Depending on the location of the SA in the system environment, LPDA-2 or LL-2 compatibility applies. Side-stream management can alert a PC based Help Desk.

A Unique solution

Any of the following devices will be supported by the Speed Adapter:

Ordering information:

4261M-00 (RS232 - no remote support)

4261M-01 (RS232- with remote support)

4261M-02 (V.35 to Line - with remote support)

IBM Ordering information:

943157 (RS232 - no remote support - SDLC 9.6 to 4.8Kb)

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