Backup Line Snatcher

Omicron's Backup Line Snatcher provides :

Omicron's Backup Line Snatcher (BLS) provides automated dial backup without additional line charges. It provides protection against physical communication loss and other malfunctions on Leased Lines.

The Backup Line Snatcher feature saves charges for a backup line by sharing an existing telephone line with the backup modem.

Sensing an interruption, the BLS immediately creates a dialup access window and switches traffic to the backup circuit. When Leased Line operation is restored, the BLS returns the traffic to the Leased Line and closes the dial access window.

Cost savings are immediate since the Backup Line Snatcher function can be installed on an existing line, without affecting its normal usage. The backup function is activated if and when the Leased Line is not available.

Long-distance charges for dial backup, if applicable, are kept to a minimum.

The Backup Line Snatcher increases the access security of the backup modem. Alternative configuration provides centralized testing of backup facilities. The BLS is transparent to Line type, protocol and speed.

Because of its modular structure, the BLS functionality can be enhanced to include :


Ordering information:

5117M-00 RS232 (Leased+Dial Line)
5117M-01 V.35 (Leased Line)


Modem Options (up to V.34):

5117M-02 Leased Line RS232

5117M-03 Leased Line V.35

Economizer package:

Also available in smaller package with external AC-adapter

Session Saver option:

See DBC brochure

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